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Leapfrog Leapster Explorer

Leapfrog Leapster Explorer

Leapster Explorer

The Leapster Explorer, is an innovative new learning tool that encourages children to discover something new every day with endless ways to play and learn!

There's games, e-Books, videos, and online play, all of which can be customised to further learn skills and more...

The Leapfrog Leapster Explorer library of games and activities includes cartridge games, downloadable learning apps e.g. games, e-Books, videos, flash cards and more, a camera/video recorder and more.

Your kids can learn school skills in a fun way, like reading, math, science and geography, plus creativity and life skills like music, health and problem solving.

And what's more, parents can also connect to the online LeapFrog Learning Path to see what their child is playing and learning.

With a library of more than 35+ games and activities including cartridge games and downloadable learning apps, children can learn school skills like reading, maths, science, geography, creativity, music and more!

Go on exciting adventure with popular film and TV characters such as Ben 10, Woody from Toy Story 3, Dora the Explorer, Disney Princess, Penguins of Madagascar and more!

With the Leapfrog Leapster Explorer you can also find ways to expand and enhance their child's learning journey - a wonderful addition to your childs on-going education, it's bound to be a hit for Christmas 2010!

Leapfrog Leapster Explorer

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Leapfrog Leapster Explorer Reviews

If your thinking about buying the new Leapster Explorer but are still not 100% sure, why don't you check out the Leapster Explorer Reviews and see what other parents thought about this great toy.

Also if you have already bought the Leapfrog Leapster Explorer and would like to let others know about your thoughts, please send your reviews to us and we will put them up on this page.

There are several games available for the Explorer, including: Toy Story 3, The penguins of Madagascar, Disney Princess, Ni Hao, Mr. Pencil, Sponge Bob, and Dora. Most are even available on Amazon, otherwise check the Leapfrog site.

But be aware that the games for the Explorer, as the games for the Leapster2, are pricy. Twenty-five box each. (The Leapster2 games you can get at better prices now.) You need at least one game cartridge. And kids will want to switch games from time to time. You won't need a ton of games but a collection of 3 or 4 games will be nice. For example we have a collection of 6 games for the Leapster2 (collected over a period of 1,5 year). Two he got as a present (thankfully), three we bought, and one we downloaded (free) from Leapfrog. He likes them all, and offers him plenty of variety.

In any case, if you're getting a handheld educational system, remember that you'll need to get a few game cartridges. Consider the cost of the Explorer plus one initial game cartridge. And then be prepared to spend the cost of another game or two in the near future. Be prepared to spend/invest this amount, otherwise your kid(s), and you as a parent, will be greatly disappointed.

What also helped us in justifying the investment in LeapFrog system, is that we rather have our son playing with an educational system, then with mindless addictive game systems, which there are so many around. At least with LeapFrog he's learning.

Another advice I can provide is to get the rechargeable system LeapFrog Leapster Explorer Recharger , or get rechargeable batteries!!! Really,.... this will save you a LOT of money on batteries. LeapFrog does not recommend using rechargeable batteries, but advertise to use their rechargeable system. I don't understand why. They claim normal rechargeable batteries will not work well with the system. But we use Duracell Value Charger With 4AA Pre Charged Rechargeable Nimh Batteries, CEF14DX4N (they are less expensive then the LeapFrog recharge system), and they work just fine for us. But no matter which option you choose, either one will SAVE you money!

Another tip might be, if you're planning a long trip/travel with the kids in the near future, then maybe you want to wait till just before your trip to get the system. It might be an idea to include it in your budget for your trip/vacation. We got our first LeapFrog system (the L-Max) just prior to a vacation with a long flight. We were so happy we did. It provided a lot of entertainment for our son during the long flight. But also at airports, during long car rides, in malls, and at the hotel. Besides providing him with educational-entertainment, it also provided us with a lot of piece of mind, so we could enjoy the relaxing time during those long flights, car rides, and strolling through malls, till we got to where he could also enjoy the sights and/or vacation activities.

One other thing you need to know is that the games for the Leapster2 and the Explorer are NOT compatible. So the games for the Leaspter2 will not work with the Explorer. You will need to get new games for the Explorer. Apparently the games for the Didj LeapFrog® Didj Custom Learning Gaming System are compatible but you may loose some of the functionality of the games (at least that's what I'm reading). You would need to get new games for the Explorer. This must be a big disappointment for customers who already own one of the other Leapfrog systems (Leapster, L-Max, Leapster2 or Didj). I certainly was. But I decided to try it out anyway.

Beside the fact that the Leapster2 games are NOT compatible, we still do like the Leapster Explorer. It has ton of functionality and better specs then the Leapster2. Bigger and better screen, more memory and faster processor. You can also expand the Explore with a camera. You will have to buy the camera expansion separately though. So that's additional cost. Our son doesn't have a camera yet. So that maybe an option for the future, but for now we'll wait. Maybe over a couple of months or so.

I can't say yet which one our son likes most, the Explorer or the Leapster2. He is very happy with the Explorer. We bought the Toy Story 3 game with the system. It's perfect timing from LeapFrog. We just saw the Toy Story 3 at the movies. At our 5 year old enjoyed it and now he can play with the characters on the Explorer. These days he's playing the Explorer of course, but he's hasn't forgotten his Leapster2. After all he has six games with the Leapster2 and only one with the Explorer. I don't think he's aware of the better screen. He notices it's bigger, but he gets caught up in the games, so I don't think he really cares.

From a kid (4, 5 or 6 year) points of view, I don't think they really care for the better specs or more functionality. They probably just want to play the games. But parents will probably appreciate the better specs and the additional functionality.

We're happy he likes the Toy Story game, and doesn't bother much with the games on the system itself (yet). The pet game apparently requires you to connect to "buy", virtual food, and/or shampoo, but it's with virtual money, NOT real money. There's a whole virtual world online for the Explorer. I'm a bit uncertain yet of the virtual earning and spending of virtual money for kids in this virtual world. I'm thinking it can help with educating about earning, spending and saving. But you know,.. we can do that in the real world too. We always to this anyway already, when he sees advertisement on TV, or in stores (not only toy stores). Explaining what things costs, what costs more, what costs less, when something is needed, when it's nice to have etc. He usually understands. At times it's even an incentive for him to save in his treasure chest (piggy bank) to later buy something he really likes. Who knows, maybe it will help further in educating on earning, spending, saving ect.

By the way, we do regulate our son to the use of the Leapster2, and now the Explorer. Or to any other game system. We do have an old Nintendo system at home, he likes to play that also a lot, but we keep that to a bare minimum. Once a week, an hour or so, or preferably even less, once a month (till he completely forgets about, ... you know,... "Mario".). As for the LeapFrog systems, even being educational system, we don't want him spending all his time on it. So we have a range of one to two hours a day. (Except when we are traveling or special ocasions, then he's allowed to play longer if he wants.) We often also have him skipped a day or more. Sometimes even a week or two. There's plenty of other activities to do then just playing on a system.

We can't say anything on durability yet. We had a bad experience with the L-Max, but the Leapster2 was a success and very proofed to be durable. I expect the Explorer to be durable, simply because I think Leapfrog must have learned from experience now. In any case I will update this review should the need arise.

It is also good to know, that Leapfrog has a reasonable customer service. Check it on their website. If anything is wrong with your item, they will help, but you need to contact them and be prepared to be polite and persistent. For example, we were able to get a replacement for our L-Max. Although it took quite some e-mails to their customer support, they did come through at the end.

Be sure you keep the invoice of the item you buy in a safe place, (and remember where you put it). You will need it if you have to make use of the warranty.

Leapfrog currently has a warranty period of 3 months for all their products, which I think is a bit short. A warranty period of 6 months would give customers much more confidence, and would certainly help the customer in his/her buying decision. But as I mentioned, I expect LeapFrog to have learned from experience, so I hope and expect the Explorer to be at least as durable as the Leapster2. Time will tell.

Our 6yr old loves his Leapster2. Even when he received the Didj, he still only wanted to play with his Leapster2. Now his (and my) new favorite handheld toy is the Leapster Explorer. Here are some of the main reasons why:

1) The color screen is larger and brighter. It can also display 3-d and flash animation. I also like that I can sit next to my son and see what is on the screen, whereas on the Leapster 2, you had to look at the screen straight on.

2) The interface is very user-friendly. I think a 4yr old could use it just fine.

3) I love that the Explorer adjusts to your child's skill level. This is especially important for my son because he tends to opt for easier activities. The Explorer will increase the difficulty of an activity if your child continues to excel with it. I loved that my son was learning about isosceles and scalene triangles the other day.

4) My son prefers to use the stylus over his finger when using his Explorer. So far the screen has proven to be very durable. Some of the games requires continuous tapping and sometimes my son becomes overzealous and taps a lot harder than he needs to.

5) My son loves to read and I was surprised that he was not more excited about the Explorer's having an e-reader app. I think he enjoys reading the old fashioned way.

6) Although the Explorer is not heavy, I would like to see the next one be slightly lighter in weight. The reason is because your wrist and arm can tire easily, especially if you are playing with the unit in one hand and the stylus in the other.

The instant my toddler saw the box it was all over! Luckily for me, LeapFrog sent the Explorer ready to go, preloaded with games and batteries. (Games are sold separately and the Explorer is powered by 4 AA batteries, not included.) In fact, when he got up from the nap the day we received it, he instantly asked for it. Way to go LeapFrog!

The LeapFrog Explorer is for kids ages 4-9 but my 2 ½ year old will happily sit down with it and play. He hasn't quite figured out the games yet, but he understands how the stylus and touch screen works to navigate the system. I don't think it will take long - I am confident he will have the preschool games figured out with no problem soon!

This brings me to the vast variety of games and Leaplets (game apps, videos and ebooks) available for the Explorer! From Tinkerbell, Star Wars, Dora the Explorer and Toy Story 3 plus many many more, there is sure to be something that you and your kids will love! Games teach creativity, school basics, geography, life skills, science and more! Not only will your child learn while using the LeapFrog Explorer, they will have FUN too.

The graphics in this little handheld are really impressive! My son liked the Letter Factory video - not only was he exposed to the alphabet (which he loves) but songs too. The graphics stay strong throughout the other games, and exceeded my expectations when I compared them to similar products on the market.

I had the opportunity to try several of the games, but I think my current favorite is ToyStory 3 - where I had to use math skills to help Woody find his way back to Andy and save the toys! Launching just in time for the new Disney-Pixar movie, this game is sure to be a hit with your kids.

Some great things about the LeapFrog Explorer:

-More than one child can have an "account" on the device
-There are over 30 games and activities (and growing) available.
-Games and Leaplets are downloadable - which means less cartridges to carry around (and lose)
-Like other LeapFrog products, you can connect to the Learning Path to see your child's progress. I love this feature about them!
-A fun game with a LeapPet is included in the box, as well as a Leaplet download card, so play can begin right away!
-It's a good size, both for little hands and for mom and dad. The Explorer will be easy to toss in a bag for travel.

Some bummers:

-I noticed with the ebooks that you have to be really precise when touching the words, which may be frustrating for younger users.
-While LeapFrog makes a recharger base, it's sold separately, which means you will burn through a lot of AA batteries.
-The games are a suggested retail price of around twenty-five dollars, which can add up quick. I will say though, this is comparable to similar products on the market.
-Even though you can have multiple accounts on the Explorer, if you have more than one child, you might want to have an Explorer for each! (again, cost)
-I'd love to see a wrist strap included! Since the Explorer is likely to be used on car trips, a sudden stop might mean it goes flying, a wrist strap would help!

Features of the LeapFrog Explorer Learning Experience, forgive me if I am repeating specs found on various websites, I wanted to make sure you all knew!
-3.2" touch screen with 420x420 resolution, accessible by finger-touch or stylus
-Linux-based operating system
-Processor that can run flash, video and 3D graphics
-Peripheral slot for expandability (oooooooh!!)
-512MB memory

In the box:
-Leapster Explorer handheld
-Leaplet learning app download card
-Pet game
-USB cable
-Quick start guide
-LeapFrog Connect CD

You will also be happy to know that the LeapFrog Explorer Learning Experience is both Macintosh and PC compatible.

Over all I am really happy we got the sneakpeak of the LeapFrog Explorer Learning Experience. I am excited to see the new games and accessories that will be coming out over the next few months!

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