Imaginext Mega T-Rex

The Fisher Price Imaginext range is very popular with pre-school kids and the new Dinosaur range with the Imaginext Mega T-Rex looks like being a real winner this Christmas.

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Imaginext Mega T-Rex

Fisher Price Mega T-Rex

Top Christmas toys 2011

Kids love Dinosaurs and Imaginext have the perfect Christmas present for your little monsters...the imaginext mega T-Rex!

Imaginext is part of the Fisher Price brand so you know that you are getting a quality toy that will keep your little ones entertained for a very long time.

The imaginext mega t-rex is part of two toys in the new Imaginext Dinosaur range, the other being the Imaginext Apatosaurus.

So what is the Mega T-Rex?

The Mega T-Rex is a animated ultimate hunter toy that is packed full of amazing features and accessories.
The Imaginext Mega T-Rex features full motorized action and sound effects. You may have also noticed that this Dinosaur is slightly different from normal Dino toys in that he comes equiped with removable armor which includes a helmet, two projectile launchers and a control pod.

As we mentioned this is no ordinary T-Rex just push his tail and the T-Rex will begin to move, his arms and neck also swing back and forth and his big jaws open wide to give out a very load Roarrr which will frighten just about anything in the area. The detail on this T-rex toy is fantastic and Fisher Price have done a great job.

We have already mentioned that this mega t-rex comes with a huge range of armour, but did we also mention that he also comes with a passenger and control pod that sits on his back! That's right this T-rex toy also comes with an action figure who sits in a figure-activated rear control pod that has two projectile launchers.
An activation disk on his back enables the figure to open the door of the pod. Mega T-Rex also comes with extended tech arms with large mechanical claws, which extend his normal capabilities -- short arms aren’t a problem for this T-Rex! With his full armor on, Mega T-Rex’s motorized action really comes to life, with even more arm chopping, neck swinging and jaw opening action.

The Fisher Price Mega T-Rex can also fire at the enemies with his projectile launchers, all with the push of a button.

Trust us when we say that your little ones are going to love this toy and we think it's going to be massive for this Christmas 2011.

Suitable from 3 years +
Batteries included

Warning - not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts. Choking hazard.

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Imaginext Mega T-Rex Reviews

If your thinking about buying the new Fisher Price Imaginext Mega T-Rex but are still not 100% sure, why don't you check out the Mega T-Rex Reviews and see what other parents thought about this great toy.

Also if you have already bought the Imaginext Mega T-Rex toy and would like to let others know about your thoughts, please send your reviews to us and we will put them up on this page.

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