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Top Toys for 2011

It looks like 2011 is going to be a very big year for toys and there are some great new toy licences arriving for both boys and girls of all ages - including some great retro delights...Thundercats anyone?

Here at kids top toys we will be bringing you the very best deals and information on all the top toys for 2011. So whether you are after the new Lego Pirates of the Carribbean sets or the latest Cars 2 toys, you won't need to look any futher! There are also a number of fantastic and creative toys that kids and parents will go crazy for like rolobox, which transforms a normal cardboard box into the best toy ever.

Xia Xia Pets

Xia Xia Pets

Xia Xia Pets are the latest toys from the makers of the Zhu Zhu pets and are being tipped to be even bigger if sales in the USA are anything to go by. Originally going to be released in 2012, Character Options are Air Freighting in around 150,000 units for December which isn't going to stretch far.

Warning: Zhu Zhu Hamster madness could ensue!

There are to begin with 4 Xia Xia hermit crabs to collect and they are: Xia Xia Turks, Xia Xia Bimini, Xia Xia Tobago, Xia Xia Trinidad.
There are also 3 playsets to collect which can be joined together:
xia xia pets Copacabana playset, xia xia pets rio de trio village playset and xia xia pets Confetti Cottage.

My Keepon

My Keepon

Could this be the suprise mega hit for this Christmas?
Introducing the new Youtube sensation my keepon who is one of the most amazing robots that we have ever seen! My Keepon can not only dance and bust-moves to any song and beat but he he also fully interactive and will respond to any type of touch!

Cars 2 toys

Cars 2 Toys

The range of Cars 2 toys is tipped by Disney to be even bigger than Toy Story when it comes to Toy sales this Christmas.
Disney Pixar are releasing over 300 Cars 2 toys between now and Christmas 2011 and we will bring you the very best buys in the new range. Highlights in the new Cars 2 range include: cars 2 secret spy attack finn mcmissile and cars 2 gear up and go finn mcmissile, both by Mattel toys. A range of Cars 2 playsets will be available like the Cars 2 Tokyo Spinout Track set and the cars 2 world grand prix race launcher. Also look out for the Cars 2 Scalextric world grand prix race set and the micro scalextric cars 2 set which look like being very popular this Christmas. Of course we must mention the star of Cars 2 Lightning Mcqueen with the highlight being the Lightning McQueen Alive. There are also numerous different Cars 2 Lightning McQueen cars and radio control cars available, the highlight being the cars 2 lightning mcqueen rc 1:12 Scale, also available is the cars 2 mater rc and the Cars 2 Finn McMissile RC. Hasbro also have a range of Cars 2 board games available like the cars 2 monopoly board game.

Transformers 3 toys

Transformers 3 Toys

The new 2011 range of Hasbro's transformers 3 toys have just arrived! Check out the Transformers 3 toys page where you will be able to compare prics on the new Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon figures including the: transformers 3 mechtech voyager range,transformers 3 mechtech leader class, transformers 3 Ultimate Optimus Prime, Transformers 3 autobot ark and the new Transformers 3 Lego type construction sets called Transformers KRE-O. The new range of Transformers kre-o construction sets looks really exciting with some amazing sets released in the first wave including Transformers kre-o optimus prime, transformers kre-o sentinal prime, transformers kre-o megatron, transformers kre-o bumblebee and transformers kre-o starscream among the very best.

dr who character building

dr who character building

Lego Dr Who - Not quite, but close!

Get raedy for the return of Dr Who in 2011 with the new range of Character Building Dr Who mirco figures and sets! Some people are calling this Dr Who Lego, while this is not the case, the dr who character building sets andmicro figures do share some very similer features and did we mention that the toys are fully compatible with Lego! The dr who character building line will be broken down into a number of different ranges including: dr who character building micro figures series 1, character building dr who mirco figures series 2, character building dr who cyberman army builder set, character building dr who weeping angels army builder set, character building dr who dalek army builder set, dr who character building dalek progenitor room mini set, dr who character building tardis console room mega set, dr who character building tardis mini set, dr who character building the time of angels mini set, dr who character building dalek factory set, dr who character building cyberman conversion chamber, character building The Eleven Doctors Micro Figure Set.


Top Girls Toys 2011

Kicking off the new range of top girls toys for 2011 and what will be popular on and Christmas lists is squinkies. Squinkies was a huge hit last year in the USA and it looks set to be just as big over here. Also look out for some of the big Squinkies playsets like the squinkies wedding surprize playset and the squinkies adventure mall surprize playset.

One Direction Dolls

One Direction Dolls

The new One Direction dolls are certain to be a huge smash hit with fans this Christmas. Now you can own your very own collectible doll of these member of the band which includes: One Direction Harry Doll, One Direction Liam Doll,One Direction Zayn Doll,One Direction Louis Doll and One Direction Niall Doll.

Lalaloopsy Dolls

Lalaloopsy Dolls

lalaloopsy dolls are proving to be very popular indeed with both girls and adult collectors. The new range of Lalaloopsy dolls have arrived with lalaloopsy Misty Mysterious doll, lalaloopsy Sahara Mirage doll and lalaloopsy Marina Anchors doll.
The new lalaloopsy mini treehouse playset is also looking like a winner this Christmas. Also new for Christmas 2011 is the new range of Lalaloopsy Silly hair dolls. There are 2 different dolls available to start with lalaloopsy silly hair jewel sparkles doll and lalaloopsy silly hair crumbs sugar cookie doll. Just in time for christmas we have the Lalaloopsy Ember Flicker Flame Doll, lalaloopsy Holly Sleighbells Doll, Lalaloopsy Suzette La Sweet Doll, and Lalaloopsy Rosy Bumps n Bruises Doll.

monster high dolls

Monster High Dolls

The new range of 2011 Monster High Dolls have been released including Monster High Abbey Bominable Doll, Monster high spectra vondergeist doll
and the monster high lagoonas hydration station.

Octonauts Toys

Octonauts Toys

Fisher Price have released a fantastic range of Octonauts toys based on the hit Cbeebies TV show which is the number one animated series for children aged four to six.
The Octonauts toys that you need to look out for include the octonauts octopod playset, Octonauts GUP A Vehicle, Octonauts Gup B Kwazi, Octonauts Gup D Barnacles & Manta Ray, Octonauts Kwazii & The Slime Eel and Octonauts barnacles and tunip.

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